du Nord Summer 2020 Meal Service


This summer, lunch and dinner will be served Take Out style from the Camp du Nord Dining Hall. A variety of healthy and fresh options will be included in each meal.


-Lunches will be packed and ready for you to take along on your outdoor family adventures each day. We know kids can be a bit picky at times, so we've included a "Simple" lunch option which will include items like simple turkey sandwiches, good ol' PB & J, or cheese and crackers- all of which will include fresh fruits and veggies. "Regular" lunches will include more creative and flavorful options.


-Your favorite du Nord dinners will be delivered to your cabin or site and will include hot, delicious main dishes and sides, freshly baked bread, salad and dessert.


The meal plan begins with lunch on Monday and ends with Dinner on Friday.



Regular  $56.00

Simple/Kid-Friendly  $40.00



Ages 13 +  $84.00

Ages 12 and under  $59.00


15% discount for week of August 30-September 3



Age: 0 - 99 yrs
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 06, 2020 - September 04, 2020
Camp du Nord 3606 N Arm Rd Ely, MN 55731-8440